Understanding Various Aspects Of Wood Rot In Fences

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Why Have a Fence

For years, fences have always been the best structures because they offer privacy and security. They protect properties against intruders making them special. There are various types of fences from metal, vinyl, pickets and wooden fences. Of all wooden ones are mostly overlooked resulting in great damage and unattractive. Remember that a great fencing can make your home and garden look appealing. Hence, it is vital to carry out maintenance on your wooden fence. That helps to prevent rotting making the fence last for years. Additionally, proper maintenance is useful in reducing the costs of repairs and replacement of the fence.

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• The Cause Of Wood Rot

Great care needs to be taken particularly in spring and home owners need to pay close attention to their garden fences. The fences are exposed to all forms of harsh weather and they can rot or decay quickly if not taken care of accordingly. To do this, it is vital to first understand the cause of rotting in wood. There exists two rots that can damage your fencing and they are the dry and wet rot.

Dry rot is a fungal decay that is brought about by Serpula lacrymans. It results in a characteristic smell in the wood, as well as cracking and growths on the wood.

Wet rot occurs in the presence of moisture and fungus that feed from the moisture and destroy the wood. Wood that is affected by this rot shows visible decay signs that normally occur on the lower side of fences where the wooden posts make contact with the moist soil.

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• Is Mold Toxic Or Not?

Many people are of the opinion that wood rot is toxic. However, it is not. Just as the fallen twigs from trees rot, so does wood. Hence, the rot is not lethal to humans, insects or animals.

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• The Signs That Show The Presence Of Wood Rot

In most cases, it is difficult to distinguish wood rot from other infections and you must understand the signs. They include discoloration, distortion, weakness of wood, splitting or cracking, dump smell and visible growth of molds. Then, the timber begins to rot it is not treated and that weakens the stability and strength of the fence. It is vital that your fence remains attractive and strong as well for it to be a worthy investment. Note that your fence should be able to overcome the harsh weather and rots can hinder this. Additionally, you might be forces to install new fencing if rotting sets in and that cab be very expensive. Hence, you must understand various tactics of increasing the durability of your fence.

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• A Guide For Preventing Your Garden Fences From Rotting

I. You need to do repairs on any parts that might have been infected by the rot in the past. Repairs are vital because you get to remove any damaged parts and replace with good ones. That way, your fence remains strong and appealing as well. But, they need to be done well to prevent the rot from spreading. You can do the repair of the fence personally but, you ought to have appropriate tools. With such equipment, it is easy to remove or add fence parts. Also, you must understand the procedures involved in repairs. That will help you avoid injuries and you will do a perfect job. Above all, wear the right gear. For instance, wear some thick boots and gloves as you will be dealing with nails that can harm you. Also, get someone to help you especially if there is some heavy lifting to be done. More so, it is advisable that you carry out the repair is you have past experience. If you are an amateur, you might cause great damage to the fence and to yourself. If personal repair does not work for you, then hire a professional repairer. That mostly applies if the rot infection is extensive and you might need to repair your whole fence. Experts will do the job for you within a short period. At the same time, they have all the required tools and handymen that make work easier. All you ought to do is find reputable repairers that you know will not fail you. They should come to your aid as soon as you reach out to them. Remember that rots spread fast and you do not want a company that will delay or you might lose your whole fence.

You can get the right repairers by asking for recommendations from neighbors. Ask them who repaired their fence last time to make your work easier. Additionally, search your directory or online for fencing companies. There are thousands of firms and you should identify reputable ones in your locality. Ensure that you check their review pages and understand the opinions of other customers. At the same time compare the charges as you must cut down your repair cost as much as possible.

II. Cleaning of the fences is also important. You need to eliminate any molds or mildew, dirt and the layer of aged wood cells. You can achieve this by using a bristle brush or a pressure washer. If you do not own the washer, you can always contract a fencing company to do the washing for you. Besides, you can hire the equipment for some hours from service providers online. If you hire the washer, ensure that you understand how to use it so that you clean thoroughly. Also, know the cleaning agents to use. It is not advisable to use a lot of water to clean a wooden fence as moisture encourages rotting. Hence, the pressure washer should be set appropriately to avoid releasing excess water. If you do not know how to go about it, there are online tutorials and videos that you can follow. Besides, if you buy a pressure washer, you will find a manual that provides all the instructions you need. What is more, you can consult an expert for some hours to guide you with the process. That will cost you a few dollars less as you will only get the expert services for a few hours. A professional can kick start the process and you can pick from where he stops and complete the cleaning process.

III. You might also need to paint your fence with oil based paint as it also helps by repelling water. Thus, your wood remains safe even in the times of heavy snow or downpour. Apart from this, your fence becomes appealing. When thinking of painting,

IV. Once you are done cleaning, give the wood ample time to dry up before you coat it with quality preservatives such as Blackfriars. You should apply it with a brush or spray it directly on the fence. The preservative has a mild odor and is solvent based allowing it to penetrate into the wood making it long lasting. The preservative keeps away blue staining, rot and insects that bore into wood. Make certain that you treat the wood in all sections and cracks where moisture might accumulate. You need to be careful when purchasing the preservatives so that you purchase the right ones. There are many counterfeits in the industry and such might make you lose your fence. Thus, only purchase the preservatives from reputable stores. Additionally, check the label to know the directions for use. Some preservatives can be harmful to your health and you need to handle them with care. At the same time, you need to know the right dose to apply so that your fence gets the protection it needs.

V. Ensure that you leave the wood to dry for about 24 hours so that you apply the second coat. The two coats ensure that your fence has double protection making it difficult for rot to develop. But, make certain that you follow the right dosage to avoid wastage.

VI. As soon as your fencing is protected, make certain that it remains clean. Any dirt, soil or debris that settles on the wood attracts insects and increases the chances of rotting or decay.

VII. You also need to inspect your fence annually to determine if you need to apply another coast of the preservative. You can quickly determine this by splashing water on the fence panels and observing carefully. You must make keen observations for you to make a sound decision. You need to apply another coat if the water seeps through the wood. If the water remains on the surface, it means that the fencing is still guarded. However, this method does not work in all cases. Hence, hire an inspector from a wood fencing company to help with the inspection. They can tell if the condition of the fence is good or bad using other techniques. Hence, they can advise you accordingly depending on what they observe.

VIII. If the rot is severe, you need to plan your next fencing project. Identify the areas that you went wrong so that you can make corrections and save your next new fence. Perhaps, you might have ignored cleaning the fence or coating with preservatives. Also, you might have used cheap preservatives that are ineffective. You might have also overlooked the expertise of professionals. Make an honest diagnosis so that you can protect your new fence.

Investing in a fence replacement project is a costly affair not to mention the inconvenience of being fence-less for some days. Also, you or your pets might be injured when a fence collapses. In this regard, you ought to make the right steps to keep away rots and decay. By using a highly effective wood preservative, you can enjoy a long lasting, strong and healthy fence for years.

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• Installation A Wood Fence

If your wooden fence collapses because of rot, you need a new one. You ought to make a good plan so that you erect a strong fence that you much desire. However, the project is not easy and there are many things you must consider as highlighted below.

I. Firstly, understand the various types of wood available and make a choice. There are cedar posts, mahogany, pine and many more. There are also hardwoods available. Hence, liaise with a professional to guide you in the selection. Also, note that the prices of the wood differ. Therefore, you need to choose based on your budget. Generally, hardwoods cost more that soft woods as they are stronger and durable. So, choose what you can afford.

II. You also need to understand the purpose of the fence. There are pet fences, pool fences and garden fences as well. If you want privacy, you might want to erect tall fences. However, if your main use of the fence is for beauty, a short fence is better as it allows onlookers to view your garden and home as well. So, choose wisely so that you pick an option that serves your needs well.

III. There are also various designs of the fences such as pickets. When making your choice, keep in mind that there are modern and traditional fencing options. So, choose a fence that complements the design of your home and garden. You can mix up both modern and traditional themes to make your compound look fabulous.

IV. It is also vital to hire a fencing contractor to do the installation for you. You need your fence to be installed accordingly so that it can last long. Poor installation can expose you to the risk of injury and it might collapse. In this regard, hire experts to do the installation. They have sufficient skills and equipment to work well. Also, they will finish a job within a short period. Additionally, hire a company that is willing to offer after services. This is a good step as you will be saved from the hustle of looking for professionals to do fence repair and maintenance. It is better to work with a company that offers all these services in a single package. Besides, it is likely that they give you a discount.

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