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Houston, Texas is steeped in a lot of history and has had its fair share of contributing to very famous people, past and present. This article explores numerous celebrities who have roots in Houston. It categorizes them in the fields that they famous for.

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Destiny’s Child

This award-winning and diamond-record selling all-girl group started out in Houston. Beyoncé Knowles-Carter alias Beyoncé was the group’s lead singers. Other well-known members are Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams. Past members are LeToya Luckett and LaTavia Robinson. Ever since 2005, all the acts in this group have launched successful solo careers with Beyoncé leading the pack.

Kenny Rogers

This crooner is probably know for the famous ballad, The Gamble and is a mainstay in country music.In fact, he was inducted in the Country Music Hall of Fame and his musical genius has influence later generations of musicians.

Robert Earl Keen

One of the most eclectic and influential songwriters of yesteryear’s generation, Robert Earl King is Houston native. His music transcends the country music genres artfully combining country, bluegrass and folk.

Slim Thug

Jerome Thomas alias Slim Thug is a proud Houstonian. This high-grossing rapper got his start in the Northside and has step a studio to give other artists a platform to launch their careers.

Hilary Duff

This Houstonian is had her breakthrough role as the eponymous Lizzy McGuire show. As she build up her brand, she branched out into country music as well.

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Patrick Swayze

The late Patrick Swayze was just one of the many Houstonians to make it big in Hollywood. He starred in numerous blockbusters and his performances in Dirty Dancing and Ghost earned him critical acclaim.

Jennifer Garner

This very talented actress has graced TV and movie screens for the last two decades. Her breakthrough role was the stunningly beautiful femme fatale, Sidney Bristow in Alias. She will appear as the leading lady in the upcoming action flick Peppermint.

Alexis Bledel

Rory Gilmore was her breakthrough role in the Gilmore Girls. Since then she has moved on to other roles with the most recent being The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. While she has been living in Connecticut, she was born in and lived for some time in Houston.

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Howard Hughes

This maverick and eccentric movie producer is well known for his resilience and overly ambitious goal of creating airplanes. However, it was not all glamorous because in his later years he became very reclusive and paranoid. A trend that would continue until his final days.

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Michael Dell

Michael Dell is one of the greatest minds to bring personal computing to the masses. He is Houston-born and one more reason why people should pay homage to this beautiful city.

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Michael Strahan

If you are a diehard Monday Night Football fan and fanatic of the sport, then you have heard of Michael Strahan. He is touted as one, if not, the greatest defensive players in American Football history. Since retiring from the NFL, he works as a pundit on Fox.

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