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Do Electric Fences Use A Lot Of Juice?

It utilized very little juice. Electric fences plug into a 220 volt power outlet. They utilize energizers that consume very little power. Energizer utilize low voltage that is converted to high voltage that is transmitted to the wires. The energizers pulse for a very short time. Couple that with the fact that the fence is not a complete circuit, this basically means that little energy is expended. It is important that the fence be free of any vegetation or any obstructions, because these things force the energizer to expend more energy to keep it going. - fence-wire fence

DIY Installation V. Professional Installation

One of the distinct characteristics is that installation of fences is relatively straightforward as long as you have a complete manual of course. Before you undertake a huge installation of an electric fence on your property, you must conduct thorough research on it. There are a myriad of resources on the web that you can utilize to expand your knowledge on the subject. This way you can avoid unnecessary surprises and dangerous installation.

Wire spacing is one of the main things that people get wrong. You need to ensure that the right space between ground and live wires for safety and to make the fence effective. While handling the live wire, it should only touch the plastic.

If you feel like doing it yourself might overwhelm you, then you can choose to hire a contractor to do the job for you.

However, it is important that when you are looking for a contractor to do the job for you that you be meticulous in the selection process. There are a lot of contractors in the market today. Some are good and some offer services that are wanting in a way. Add that to the numerous options the Internet has and you are confronted with a lot of services. Choosing one will be a tremendous hassle.

Below are the critical steps you ought to take in order to choose a good electrician to install the fence for you.

a) It is all about the options at your disposal:

When you are looking for a contractor, you want to have as many options at your disposal as possible. Now, it is important that you find high quality options to choose from. With so many options to choose from, it is important to get a high quality ones. To this end, referrals from people you know will be of immense help to you.

Alternatively, you can use the options you find on the internet. However, you have to be very selective in your approach. It is critical that you divide the companies you find into manageable units. Only then can you be assured of making headway in such a saturated space.
One of the clues you should keep your eyes on when scouring through the options is the quality of the website. This is a dead giveaway in terms of the level of professionalism you ought to expect from the company. Professional companies present themselves in a

very organized manner. They have professionally built websites with professionally taken photographs in the site.

Have a group of sites that seem legit and prepare for the next step. - electric-fence

b) Do further due diligence on the installers you have chosen:

It is critical to know all that you can about the person you are considering of paying to take care of the fence for you. While you can take the recommendations that people give you without complaint, you cannot just pluck out a name that you are unfamiliar with out of the blue. It won’t work as well as you thought it would. In fact, you run a very high risk of getting a company that is incompetent and not up to the challenge. The essence of doing thorough due diligence on the company is to get a brief overview of what you should expect when you hire a particular company to do your bidding.

When you are considering a company, the first thing is to ensure that all the information they give you is legit. Start with scrutinizing the address of the company. Ask yourself: does it exist? With the dawn of virtual offices and assistance, finding companies with actual addresses on the web is very tough. It is cyberspace after all, you have to be very particular about the company you keep. Never overlook this step at all because you could end up paying dearly for it, if you are not careful.

Aside from verifying the address, you must verify the phone number you find on the site. Most companies use automated answering machines. This means you cannot engage with an expert to share your specific query. If you find an automated answering service on the other end of the line, don’t deal with that company at all. You will be grateful you went with a company with a more personalized touch. Here is why: the company is receptive to your needs and wants at the moment and you can engage on the intricacies of pricing. Also, you can get detailed information about what you should expect if you decide to hire them to work for you.

It is vital that you gauge the company from the quality of customer service you receive. If the quality is high, you are assured of high quality customer service in the long run.

To this end, you need to check out the references that company has. Most people overlook this step and consider it a waste of time. On the contrary, it is not. This step actually prepares you for what to expect from a particular company. It gives you a way forward in terms of knowing whether the company is a good fit for you or not. “But reviews from other people work just as well, right?” Well there is nothing quite as refreshing as hearing it straight from the horse’s mouth about the quality of work you should expect. They will tell you all the habits and qualities the installer brings to the table and so on.

There is no substitute for through research when it comes to choosing an electric fence installer. Only when you cover all the bases of what you ought to expect, can you position yourself adequately to deal with any unforeseen problems that might occur.

c) Get estimates for work to be done and take care of the logistics- After finding a company that checks all the right boxes, it is time to talk about the fence. It is crucial that you get a one-on-one with the installer and have them come to your property to look at the works to be done. They should show you a way forward in regards to what is needed and the duration it will take them to finish the installation.

The onus is on you to take care of the logistics. Buy the materials and bring them to the property. - insulator

How Electric Fences Work

When an intruder comes into contact with wire via touch, the shock causes a muscle contraction. A kind of stinging pain that can only be equated to a very painful and nauseating cramp. When the current is continuous, there is a kind of clutching or grabbing effect that makes it tough for the victim to extricate themselves. Because the current comes in pulses in an electric fence, the cramping effect is short lived albeit painfully. This gives them a chance to get away from the fence.

For animals, this can be a sort of conditioning exercise to familiarize them with the boundary. They will associate the pain that comes from the shock with something to be avoided. As such, they will not come into contact with it. The pulsing action of the fence is designed such that it does not injure the animal but it discourages it from venturing nearing it in future. - Electric Fence

Safety Concerns Of Electric Fences

You might be very worried about the extent to which a shock from an electric fence can cause damage. Don’t be. It is not that dangerous. While the volts sent in the fence are high, the amps are low. The strength of the current is dampened a bit to reduce its lethality. Energizers for these fences have a high voltage but a low current of about 120 milliamps (MA). This is designed to stun and not to kill.

Safe output is ensured by doing the following

a) The capacitor releases charge in high volts but low amperage of a range of 15 to 500 MA.

b) The energy pulses than flowing continuously as is the case with mains electricity. The circuit is completed when the intruder touches the wire but one can extricate themselves easily.

Of Energizers In Electric Fences

The type of energizer you should utilize depends on the circumstances you find yourself in. Remember: there are different types to cater for different needs. Below are some of the main guidelines that should be followed when selecting the energizer to be used.

• The nature of the intruders - Domestic animals require less power to keep in check. If you live in an area where wild animals run rife, a stronger energizer will make the fence a good deterrent.

• The size of the area - if you have a large area to be covered by the fence, you need an energizer with a large capacity. If you have a vegetation challenge on your property, you need a large capacity energizer. This is to cater to the huge energy requirements. If there are additions to be done, make a provision for a large energizer just in case.

• The power source available - The market features 110 to 220-volt plug-in energizer. If you want to go green, there a solar units available. Alternatively, you can use battery powered energizers as well.

• Portability - If it is a needs-must position, adjust yourself accordingly. There are portable and permanent energizers. - electric-fence

Benefits That Come With Using An Electric Fence

So why should you contemplate installing an electric fence on your property? Below are the main benefits that come with them.

• They are low-cost - The number of materials and labor utilized is far less than what you would spend and use while installing other complex fences. If you are well versed in how to install these fence, you can eliminate the labor cost altogether because you can do it yourself.

• Easy to set up - Even if you have never put up a fence in your life, you can use the manuals to get your bearings right. However, you must be very careful when you set up the fence. Any wrong move could lead to catastrophic consequences. Don’t let the ease of the task fool.

• You are assured of longevity - Wired fences need to be tight to ensure security. When these materials are stretched and are exposed to the elements over time, they eventually break. However, electric fences don’t have to be tightened to a point that they can break easily. They have less pressure on them.

• Have a universal application - if you want to keep off intruders of the two-legged variety or four-legged variety, this fences is a deterrent. Once they touch the fence, they won’t dare a second time.

• Great addition to existing fence thereby enhancing their longevity.

• They are low maintenance - Aside from the routine checks on grounding, this type of fence doesn’t require too much attention per se.

• Great for subdividing property - If you are grazing animals on your farm, you can manage your pastures effectively. They allow you to strategically divide the pastures.

Unwanted Effects And Electrical Interference

It is imperative that if you install an electric fence on your property, you maintain it well. If you run roughshod on the fence, you will experience a lot of interference in your electrical devices. Expect to have interference on your television, cellphones, radio and internet.

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