One Trend You Are Likely To Come Across In Exterior Decorations Is Bamboo Fencing

Today, more and more homes have nurtured their aesthetic tastes and decide to go for bold, sleek and stylish decorations, both interior and exterior.

Aside from being aesthetically bold and stylish, bamboo is also very eco-friendly and sturdy as well.

So why are more and more people gravitating towards bamboo fencing? Below are the key reasons for this development and key reasons why bamboo fencing should be on the cards if you are looking for an upgrade from your current hardwood fence, if you have one.

1. Environmentally Friendly

When bamboo is harvested, the impact is not as dire on the environment as when hardwood trees are felled. Trees take a very long time to grow unlike bamboo, which is a very fast growing type of grass in the market.

This essentially means that replenishing it once a tree is felled is a quick and timely affair. There are some species that can grow as much as one meter in a day.

2. Strong and Flexible

Did you know that bamboo is stronger than concrete? Better yet, did you know that if bamboo and timber were subject to compression and tension, bamboo would come out on top?

Most people that come across bamboo for the first time tend to judge it harshly. They assume that since it comes from a plant that is ultimately doomed to break. Bamboo has been used in the construction of homes for many centuries and its use in fencing, capitalizes on the fact that bamboo is hardy and can withstand everything that the elements can throw at it.

As an added bonus, bamboo is termite resistant. It has silica which is a deterrent to termites and other insects because it is very difficult to digest.

3. Easy to Install and Inexpensive

Where most fencing material purchase and installation costs are prohibitive, bamboo is not. As was highlighted earlier, bamboo grows quickly and is readily available, thus very affordable.

Aside from being affordable to buy, bamboo is very easy to install. You can save money that you would have used to hire a contractor to take care of the installation for you.

4. Easy to Clean and Maintain

Bamboo is likely to stay the same way you bought it for many more years.

Because it is hardy, maintaining it is very easy. All you have to do is clean it with soap and water to clean it. Thereafter, you have to apply a good water seal on it to ensure that it stays in tip top shape. Always apply the seal annually to keep it looking pristine.

5. Unique Look

Bamboo offers its owners a chance to employ any signature look that they want. You can design it any way you please as long as it accentuates your landscape. Alternatively, you can choose a design from the ones that are there.

Bamboo comes in a lot of colors and you can play with them to get the best look ever for your yard.

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